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Our Mission

At our academy students will be taught by experienced, talented and professional dancers. Our unique approach to teaching aims to give students enjoyable yet productive sessions that encourage them to develop their own styles. We pride ourselves on our professional standards, a passion for dance and our high quality of teaching for all ages and abilities.

‘The aim of Swagga Dance Academy is to enable affordable dance tuition and adult fitness classes so that others may too find a passion for dance that they are able to maintain’

Please make contact to book a FREE trial class. We would love to hear from you!



We offer Parent and Toddler sessions for those under 2.5yrs, Tots, Pre Primary, Primary, Junior, Senior and adult classes


Correct uniform is available from the studio, Encore Dancewear (Herne Bay) or online at:

Missed/Cancelled classes

If a class is cancelled by us we will refund the class fee onto the next invoice. Unfortunately if a class is missed by a student we cannot refund fees except in exceptional circumstances.

Viewing classes

In our experience, children relax, pay attention and enjoy lessons without a parent or carer watching as it can be distracting. We do however hold displays at the studio for parents, grandparents etc to see how the students are progressing. They are also invited to perform in our bi-annual showcase.

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